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Brides of Long Island

Worth A Shot Events, Inc is a PREFERRED VENDOR with Brides of Long Island.


Brides of Long Island is a local organization, based on Long Island that is made up of brides that are support system to help plan your wedding every step of the way. As a preferred vendor, BOLI has vetted our services and finds us to be experts in what we do.

Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce

Worth A Shot Events, Inc is a member of the Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce and is very active within the community.

The Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce supports the sustainable growth of Lindenhurst economically, environmentally and socially by highlighting the Lindenhurst community, promoting businesses, seasonal events and programming.


Babes in Business
Long Island

Worth A Shot Events, Inc is a SPOTLIGHT VENDOR with Babes in Business of Long Island.


Babes in Business was created to bring strong and inspired women together. We are here to create a community of women hustling toward their dreams and goals. Whether your business has been successful for years, or an idea that has yet to come to fruition, this is the place for you! Everyone is welcome. Our sole purpose is that we influence, connect, and grow together to achieve our goals.

Moguls of Infinite Opportunity

Worth A Shot Events, Inc is a member and highlighted vendor of the Moguls of Infinite Opportunity.

Moguls teach its members and fellow business owners about their 7 Mission Statements. It is their Divine Responsibility (1) to authentically share their passion through imperfect action and forward stumbling. (2) To give freely and powerfully (3) and increase both the quality of work and quantity of people they overdeliver to (4). We help women tap into their infinite opportunity by co-creating with the universe (5); harness their feminine power to give (not people please) and receive (not take) (6); and finally, to let go (7) of their results, remain in the flow of action and let the universe deliver the rest.

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