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Having a party? Let us come to you and host it so you don't have to! We provide Wedding Planning & Coordination☆ Bartenders, ☆ Grill Masters ☆ Wait Staff ☆ Clean Up Service ☆ Errands & Pick Up Services ☆ for all of your party needs. We'll help you with party ideas, decorations, plating, serving and more! Have any last minute errands? Forgot to get the cake or a hero? Need to pick up the keg? We'll run these errands for you! Contact us for more information.


Wedding Planning & Coordination

Our Wedding Planners are responsible for assisting clients in planning entire weddings or specific wedding activities. They discuss wedding logistics with clients, negotiate vendor contracts, and ensure that wedding-day activities run smoothly.

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Event Planning

Whether you’re planning to host an intimate dinner party with your closest family and friends, or maybe a larger gathering to celebrate a birthday, engagement party, holiday, corporate event, or special occasion — we’ve got you covered!  We'll help you with planning you party from start to finish and everything in between. This includes concepts and ideas, decorations, floor plans and layouts, head counts and invitations, apps, dinner, dessert and menu name a few!



Worth A Shot Events brings our expertise to your home, office, or event space, giving you and your guest the freedom to enjoy top-quality service while sipping on some of the best drinks you've ever had. Let's face it...a drink is always better when someone else makes it for you! Whether the cocktails are simple or complex, our bartenders have the ability to create drinks based off of your, likes and dislikes and even your current mood. Let our drinks transform your party into any desired theme, even a tropical paradise that tastes like a sunny summer afternoon on the beach. Our bartenders will come early to set up the bar area of your choice and will be prepared with their own tools to ensure that every drink is made with purpose. Be sure to sit back, sip and enjoy a fine cocktail!


Wait Staff 

We know that life can get super busy, so it's not often that you get the chance to get together with family and friends for parties or occasions. Rather than having you as the host, working in the kitchen cooking, plating, passing hors d'ouveres, waiting on your guests cleaning up etc., Let us do all the heavy lifting. We'll host your party for you, so you don't have to. We'll even clean up at the end of your party while you relax. Unwind and Enjoy making memories with your loved ones. Let's face it, you deserve it!


Personal Chefs

We have some of the best Chef's around. Whether you are planning for a romantic dinner for two, or having a swanky dinner party for 15. Our chefs will come into your home or location of your choosing to prep and execute any type of cuisine. 2, 4 & 7 course and tasting menus are available! We can customize our service to whatever it is that you need to meet you exact requirements.


Grill Masters

We know that sometimes cooking at your own party can be hectic and doesn't allow you much time to spend with your guests, let alone having to grill ALL of the food...That's why we'll provide you with one or more of our Grill Masters, to help with all of your BBQ/Grilling needs. Delicious food of your choice grilled to perfection!


Clean Up Service

After a fun, exciting party/event, you take a look over at the sink and see all the dishes, the garbage and the glasses that are all over the place and....sigh! Well, there is no need to sigh, the Worth A Shot clean up crew will come in and clean up after your guests. Our staff will make sure to leave you with NO dishes in the sink, garbage taken out, everything put away, food packed up and put in the fridge or even given out in doggie bags if you prefer. Your home will look as clean as it did before you ever decided to throw a party, we'll make sure of it!


 Errands & Pick Up Service

Worth A Shot Events will provide a staff member to complete these last minute errands for you. Sometimes things just slip our minds...forgot to pickup the hero, ran out of vodka, need more dinner plates. We'll take care of it! Select this service or just add it onto you already booked event. Last minute things always happen, let us sort them out for you.

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